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Coffee & Our Story

We are PS Coffee Roasters, Peter and Simon McCormack, brothers from Co. Kildare. Together we bring a wealth of life experience, despite our youngish age. Both of us love our coffee. Peter is a qualified Nutritionist, Barista Trainer and previous Manager of a major coffee retailer and has many years experience in this industry. Simon is a trained Barista, but has also worked for Apple and completed a lot of world travel which included working on a set from Lord of the Rings. We are both passionate about experimenting with new coffee and brewing methods.

For us coffee is something more than just a drink, it’s an experience and something to be appreciated. No two roasted coffees are the same and each has its own characteristics. Every step of the coffee process from the farm to picking, how it’s processed, roasted and then brewed will make a difference to the taste.

We are extremely OCD about it all.

For us, why would we go through the trouble of taking time to carefully select and import hundreds of kilos of speciality coffee, spending top dollar on the best there is to offer, spend days and sometimes weeks carefully discovering the best roast profile for a coffee, only to ruin it in the last step where we brew it (on an espresso machine or for filter coffee)? We simply couldn’t do that!

Therefore we weigh, measure and time every coffee to make sure that the last step at the espresso machine is perfect. If it’s not right we throw out the coffee and start again!

This may sometimes mean you have to wait a little longer to get a coffee from us, but this way you know for sure that the coffee you’re getting is done right and consistent every time.


Famous faces who dropped in to visit…

Johnny Logan (Singer)

Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones)

Matt Little (Home and Away actor)